Hello all,

I'm running WatchDisk with a back-end database on SQL Server 2008. I'm trying to scan a large number of file shares -- 235 to be exact -- and each file share is around 500GB in size and has a large number of directories and files. I'm running the scans via a batch file that has an entry for each share in the format < "C:Program Files (x86)PA WatchDISKWatchDSK.exe" /dir=ServerNameShareName /save /savesubdirs /scan >. Meaning, the batch file successively scans one share after another.

At some point after a significant number of shares have been scanned, WatchDisk starts dropping scans from the database. Meaning, the entry for a given scan disappears from the ScanDefinition table, and the related entries for the scan in the SizeData table disappear as well. So partway through the run of the batch file, scans from earlier in the batch file have vanished from the WatchDisk SQL database. Specifically, I have noted ScanID's that were previously present in records in those 2 tables which are later no longer there.

I am not purposely deleting these scans myself, of course, and am not aware of anything I'm doing as part of my automated process that could cause them to delete. I had previously had this problem back when I was scanning a lower total number of shares into an Access back-end. I thought it was a problem with Access, so I switched the back-end to SQL expecting the problem to go away.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is happening and why? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in WatchDisk?

Thanks, Rob.

asked 17 Jun '14, 18:09

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Hi Rob,

Please check your settings to see if you are cleaning up old scans. Click on the Prefs button and you will see two settings part way down the page.

"Atomically delete manual scans that are more than" "Atomically delete automated scans that are more than"

FYI: PA Watchdisk is an old product that is not being activity worked on. You will want to look PA Storage Monitor, the big brother of PA Watchdisk.


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answered 18 Jun '14, 10:20

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Quinn ♦♦
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That was it. Thanks very much Quinn. I've been using WatchDisk for years, and never noticed that setting, which seems to default to deleting automatic scans after 7 days unless you know to change the setting. I did take a look at Storage Monitor, based on your suggestion, but it seems to be an overly complex program for my needs.

(20 Jun '14, 11:22) RobG
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