I’m having trouble capturing total memory usage on our Server 2008 machines. The default perfmon memory counter % Committed Bytes In Use doesn’t tell the full story.

The ‘Available MBytes’ counter does give an accurate reading for the total amount of ram available but the PA graphical counter shows it as 100% in use.

Is there any way to cleanly show the total amount of memory in use or available in PA Server Admin. Does anyone have any hints or combination of Perfmon counters to display this information in graphical form.

asked 13 Aug '12, 07:32

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The 'MemoryAvailable MBytes' will show you a good graph but you will need to list it under a different registry key 'StatusReport_Match_OtherPerf' not 'StatusReport_Match_Mem'. I know that it seems you should add it to the memory key but that key will show data values in percentages (0% to 100%), not show the data as a count. Try moving your 'MemoryAvailable MBytes' to the registry key 'StatusReport_Match_OtherPerf'.

Also, you can add the 'MemoryCommitted Bytes' but remember to add it to the StatusReport_Match_OtherPerf.


answered 13 Aug '12, 11:20

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Your a genius, that worked perfectly. This is a great way of tracking total available memory without seeing the alarming 100% used chart.

(13 Aug '12, 15:08) cmore

Hi cmore, don't forget to accept Tori_M's answer if it worked for you. :)

(13 Aug '12, 16:55) Quinn ♦♦

Hi all,

I am looking to do exactly this, but I can't decipher what is meant by "list it under a different registry key"? I've added the performance counter under the server in 'System Performance Metrics'. It isn't showing on the main summary page as a graph either.

Many thanks in advance.


answered 01 Nov '12, 11:51

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Add the counter in 'StatusReport_Match_OtherPerf'. See the bottom of http://www.poweradmin.com/Help/SM_5_0/Report_Server_Status.aspx

(03 Nov '12, 10:11) Doug ♦♦
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