I have configured my Client groups with Power Templates. I like the ease of Administration doing it this way but.... I would like to be able to Break Inheritance on specific monitors for select servers. I cannot find a means to do this. IE> I have a monitor that checks for Disk space on E: drive is lower than 5G then alert. But if a server in the Client group has an E drive that is ONLY 4G in size I want to break inheritance on that check for that drive or for that entire monitor but still keep it in the same group. Is this possible? I notice that there is a Custom Properties for each server what is the functionality of that? We are demo'ing this product and really like what we see but we are hoping that the ability to break inheritance is available so that we don't have to have multiple groups per client.

asked 21 Jul '15, 18:49

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Hi skahlam,

There is a new Advanced Options for the Disk Space monitor. These options are only in beta version and will be new option for v6. Select and edit a drive in the Disk Space monitor, then select the Advanced Options button. You will be able to set values for different size drives.


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answered 22 Jul '15, 09:38

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Quinn ♦♦
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I am using version When I open the Critical Disk monitor Power template and select a drive, then select Edit there is NO Advanced option. Also I see that there is an option to Disconnect from Power templates per server and this would work but then the original template is inherited again. What is the point of disconnecting if it will only be inherited again.

(22 Jul '15, 12:02) skahlam

Template support was fairly new in build 96. I'd recommend updating your Beta install -- disconnecting templates works quite well now.

(09 Sep '15, 16:00) Doug ♦♦
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