I am trying to set up an action in PA Server Monitor Ultra to restart the Outlook client when the monitor detects it isn't running. At the moment, although the monitor recognises when Outlook is stopped and it does successfully restart the application, it is restarted as if for a different user.

I have double checked and the monitor service is definitely running as exactly the same domain user as the console session. When I start Task Manager I can see Outlook as long as I have 'show processes for all users' ticked, but on the Users tab there is only 1 user showing.

I'm either missing something really obvious or there is a bit of a glitch. Can anybody help?



asked 09 Oct '12, 08:25

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Ian Homewood
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edited 09 Oct '12, 08:27

You are discovering the Window sessions, also known as WinStations. Basically, even though you've got PA Server Monitor running as the same account, it's running as a service which means it's in a separate session.

I'd recommend having it launch PSExec or PAExec, and then having one of those apps launch Outlook with the -i flag -- that will force Outlook into the interactive session.


answered 09 Oct '12, 17:05

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Doug ♦♦
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Thanks Doug, I'll try that.


(10 Oct '12, 05:36) Ian Homewood
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