Hello, we have a various problems with PA lately. We currently have 577 monitors running on 109 devices. Current version of Console is These are the problems we have lately: - when adding new device (same behaviour when creating new monitors via Smart (Auto) Configuration) only ping monitor in being created. (somethimes it takes up to 24hours for monitor to show up, but mostly it doesn't show up at all) - even after resolving problem, monitor have provided, device status remains red, but all greens on monitor status list - poor performance - getting error "Monitor is consistently busy and not able to run" on bandwith monitor on some devices not on all. There started to happens after updating console on v5.8.0.307

Please advice,

Best Regards, Aleksandar

asked 13 Oct '15, 04:26

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Hi Aleksandar,

To research the issues that you are reporting we'll need to get log files and have you do some testing for us.

The error message "Monitor is consistently busy and not able to run" is a new alert that was added in version 5.8, so the issues of the monitor not able to run is something that have been there for some time now and now the service is alerting on it.

We'd like you to first install the latest preview version. After you have it download and installed please turn on the Debug Logging. To turn on the Debug Logging go to Setting -> System Setting and toward the bottom of the menu you will see a check box to switch this option on. Once you have this option turned on please add a new server using Smart Config. Allow time for the server to be added. Once the server has been added turn Debug Logging off and zip up and send us the service log. Please send the log file to support@poweradmin.com.


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answered 13 Oct '15, 10:21

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Quinn ♦♦
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Thank you Quinn for your tips and proposals. Unfortunately we have downgrade console and satellite to v5.7.0.295, so I can't send you data for last situation. Thank you once again Aleksandar


answered 30 Oct '15, 05:10

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