Any ideas what to do about this? I just started getting these. Doing a trial of PA Filesight Lite on a single server.

A test file named D:abcdFILESIGHT_AUDIT_TEST_FILE is periodically written to disk to ensure PA File Sight sees the activity coming through as an audit of the application's functionality. Activity for the test file has not been seen, so the monitoring may not be functioning properly.

Sent from PA File Sight on SERVERX - 20 Apr 09:46 PM
Ver 8.1.0 (Build 11)
Rule: Internal error detected in monitoring service

This System Alert's delivery can be configured in Settings > System Alerts

asked 20 Apr '20, 22:11

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Is the drive that you are monitoring a Mapped drive? If it is, PA File Sight is not able to monitor the drive. The PAFS service can only monitor drives that are physically attached to the server it is monitoring.


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answered 21 Apr '20, 10:03

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Quinn ♦♦
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Hi Quinn,

Thanks for your reply! No, this is a local volume on the server. But it is quite a large one (almost 6TB). 25+ years of company project files. There's also another (~3TB) local volume for which the same errors are occurring. It was going fine until just recently these errors started.


(21 Apr '20, 10:10) tmd_wells

Tim - Is a Satellite being used to monitor the server? If so what version is the Satellite?

(23 Apr '20, 11:06) Quinn ♦♦
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