Hi I am getting this error on one of our Web Page Monitors. Test from Console works but Test from Service fails with the error below:

http://site could not be loaded (response code 403 [0x193]) Run ProxyCfg.exe to check proxy settings (ProxyCfg.exe -​u sets default values) or try specifying a proxy for the monitor.

[WinHttpQueryHeaders got HTTP Status 403 for http://site/, method=2][WinHttpQueryHeaders got HTTP Status 403 for http://site/, method=3][all methods failed to connect to http://site/]

PA Server is running on a Windows Server 2012 R2 with direct Internet access, so there should be need to specify a proxy and we don't have one anyway. The Web Site being monitored is an internal web server running IIS7.

asked 13 Oct '15, 19:12

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Managed to fix this myself. It has nothing to do with the HTTP Error 403 that PA spits out. PA gives the above error when the webpage is being monitored by PA Server or Satellite in the same local LAN as the webpage.

So, simply move the device/computer to a different site. If the webpage is on the Central Server, move it to any Satellite. Otherwise move it to the Central Server or a different Satellite.

Sometimes this isn't enough and I have had to move them from one Satellite to another until it works. Then you can move it back to the original site (provided it's not on the local LAN) and it will still work.


answered 06 Jan '16, 19:41

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Hi Ovalis_DT,

The 403 error that you are getting is the key here. The server that is serving the page is not allowing you access to the page. you will want to check to see what restrictions that server has. You can do a web search to find more on the 403 error.


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answered 14 Oct '15, 12:18

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