Hopefully someone has an idea what's wrong. I am trying to install PowerAdmin version 2.1.7, and am also running pdns-3.3.1-2, Apache/2.4.10, and mariadb-5.5.39-1 (mysql) on fedora 20.

I am getting the following error when I try to navigate to the index.php installer on the localhost in the firefox browser: The requested URL /poweradmin/install/index.php was not found on this server. I tried a few other variations on it as well, including full path, but no dice.

Now, as far as the installs of the other software, pdns, mariadb, and everything else went fine. I also did a wget get on PowerAdmin, unpacked it, and moved it to the /var/www/ directory. Made sure the permissions were 774, and tried many owners such as root, apache, daemon etc. Also did restarts of httpd in-between these changes. Still I am getting the above error, and am unsure on how to properly install PowerAdmin. (I was following the steps of the documentation on this site, as well as a few others out there that were similar. )

Would anyone have any idea how to proceed, or how to get past that error? I'm assuming it HAS to be a config error somewhere. Perhaps I am following the wrong instructions as well.


asked 31 Oct '14, 02:52

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Hi Digithon,

Just wanted to let you know that you have posted on a forum for Power Admin the makers of PA Server Monitor, PA File Sight and PA Storage Monitor. I thin that you may have posted on this forum thinking that you were on a support for Poweradmin.


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answered 31 Oct '14, 10:11

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