I'm currently trying to add a software version to the blue box: System Details in Server Monitor v6.0.2.127. I've right-clicked on the monitor and in the Custom Properties I have named a Parameter SOFTWARE VERSION. I'm trying to get a value that my powershell script is collecting and then update that Custom Property.

On the PowerAdmin Execute Script webpage PA-ExecuteScript, it has an example of $mon.SetComputerCustomPropByID(0, "DEVICEID", "BSQL") so I've tried updating my custom property by calling $mon.SetComputerCustomPropByID(0,"SOFTWARE VERSION",$SVersion), but it's not populating/showing the SOFTWARE VERSION in the System Details.

asked 31 Dec '15, 12:38

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Resolved through Support

From Scott: I figured it out and am able to get the value of that key as a result. PowerAdmin software is creating the scripts as a 32-bit instance, so I had to write more script in my PowerShell so that it was using a 64-bit instance so that it wasn't getting redirected into the Wow6432Node of the registry because there is a SoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersion in both locations but the DigitalProductID only shows up in the 64-bit registry location. So the error "cannot index into null array" is because the DigitalProductID[0x34..0x42] is null (because it doesn't exist in the 32-bit redirection of the registry).

From Support: There was also a bug with the $mon.SetComputerCustomPropByID function which is now fixed in version


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answered 11 Jan '16, 08:56

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