I have been working on developing reports and in that process, renaming reports and such. So now I have a bunch of folders that map to names that are no longer being used. Is there a way to remove those folders so that I can keep the interface tidy?

asked 06 Oct '16, 08:17

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Looks like it takes care of it on its own...though I had to relaunch the console. There should be a refresh button or something so that "new" results can fill the interface. Or perhaps a pop-up box that says you need to relaunch to see changes.

(06 Oct '16, 08:28) TheSemicolon

In the Console you can go to Settings > Report Settings and there is a "Clean All Reports Now" button that will do this. It removes all reports. Then as they are generated they will fill back in.


answered 08 Oct '16, 10:54

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Is there a way to do this on a per report basis? I would hate to dump all my reports every time that I just need to remove one that I was developing or needed to rename.

(10 Oct '16, 07:29) TheSemicolon

Any report that isn't run for 14 days will automatically get deleted. You can delete folders in the file system if you really want to, but they'll be cleaned up automatically. There isn't a way to delete folders on a per report basis, other than using Windows Explorer.

(10 Oct '16, 09:15) Doug ♦♦
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