I have a central service with (currently) three satellites connecting to it. Since the satellite services have their own database settings, I just want to make sure that the collected results reported to the central service is stored within my Microsoft SQL database. I want to make sure that my retention settings on the central service is what will regulate all my collected data.

So the way that I believe this all works is that the satellites get their monitors from the central service. The satellites then push the results back to the central service and those results are stored in the central service's database. Any actions are then performed based on the monitor's configuration.

Is this all essentially what happens?

asked 21 Nov '16, 13:18

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Great question. Yes a satellite gets all of the configuration from the central service. All fired actions are sent back the central service to be processed. All of the numeric data collected by a satellite is sent back to the central service to be recorded in the database (default or SQL Server).

The exception is the data that is not numeric, for example event log data and SNMP Trap data. This data is kept in a database at the satellite's location. When data is needed for reporting or alerting then the needed data is transmitted to the central service. There is an option that you can use to point your satellite services to a Microsoft SQL database to store this type of data.


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answered 22 Nov '16, 10:29

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Is there anything in the dev plan to allow for the collection and storage of this data in the central database?

(22 Nov '16, 12:31) TheSemicolon

The issue with collecting and sending everything back to the central service is the size of the data that would be sent over your network. If you think about the size of the data form one server and then mulitply that by hundreds of servers that could be over whelming for some networks. Sorry there are no plans to change where the data is stored.

(23 Nov '16, 09:15) Quinn ♦♦
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