To identify trends and patterns impacting service availability, several "focused" reports have been created which are generated monthly using data from the previous month. Some reports provide details about the alerts triggered from specific monitors on servers fulfilling defined roles across many production environment, while other reports present values stored from execute script monitors. The reports work remarkably well and are reliable and accurate with one exception – the monthly error audit report of disconnected satellites.
Perhaps I am mistaken in concluding that a recorded monitor status of "Satellite Disconnected" is roughly equivalent to a "Satellite Down Alert" and could therefore be used as a data point to generate a report containing the Error time, Source Computer and Server/Device ID. If I am off track here, that would explain why an empty report is generated despite systematically trying all the report display types and several combinations of report parameters and filters.

Modifying the 'Sat. down notification' setting to write to a dedicated monthly 'Sat. Down' log file has been identified however, this solution is less than ideal for reasons such as: - manually updating the sat. down notification configuration - a bulk config change would overwrite the unique configuration for 300+ endpoints. (please add an option to append an action as well as exporting the current Sat. down notification configuration) - losing control of the log format (error timestamp, object IDs) - no support for PA to email the log file on a schedule (this could be done via external processes, it creates several challenges related to security, system fail-over and auditing)

Please share any known solutions for creating a monthly report of all Satellite down alerts which contains the error timestamp, device name at a minimum. Also, I'd like to request clarification about how the Monitor status of 'Satellite disconnected' relates to a 'Satellite down' alert.

Details: Satellites and collection server are running PA v6.2.0.221. The collection server is running on Windows 2008 R2. No related errors have been logged and the report generates in less than a second with no noticeable impact on resource utilization.

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