im trying to log in using ssh to monitor a centos server. I have the private key and verified via putty i can successfully SSH using the key and secret phrase.

but, when i try to log in via power admin i get a error saying the keyphrase or share key is incorrect. "SSH access to was attempted but failed. Error: Failed to login to via SSH as user root with private key C:Utils.ppk Unable to extract public key from private key file: Wrong passphrase or invalid/unrecognized private key file format (err=-16)"

im using the username centos which is correct as well.

The key is stored on the local power admin server and i have again verified via putty that the details im entering are correct.

Any ideas?

asked 10 Dec '17, 19:17

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Hi sduelund2,

When you were settings up your SSH credentials for this server did you follow the instructions on this page? https://www.poweradmin.com/help/pa-server-monitor-7-0/config_ssh_creds.aspx

Is the server that you are monitoring monitored by the Central service or a Satellite?


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answered 11 Dec '17, 12:26

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Quinn ♦♦
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Hi Quinn,

Tried from both Central and Satellite (ideally wanted it satellite). thought it might be that reason so i tried both.

Yes thats the exact guide i followed, including the putty ppk extract.

Have tried several times, and have confirmed the certificate works via a manual login using putty.


(11 Dec '17, 18:00) sduelund2

Hi sduelund2,

I will need to look at your service log file from the Central service. Would you please switch on Debug Logging (go to System Setting towards the bottom select the check-box for Enable Debug Logging). Then try running the monitor to get the login process to work. When you have that done please send the zipped up service log file to support@poweradmin.com.

Thanks Quinn

(12 Dec '17, 13:57) Quinn ♦♦
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