Someone can tell me if there is a bug because when I send a setup.exe to run remotely using the psexec after being installed and run my application .exe loads in trayicon, but when i sending using the paexec my application loads in the device manager but will not start the form and not load splash screen.

Has anyone else seen this occur?

asked 06 Dec '12, 13:44

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edited 07 Dec '12, 07:45

What command line are you using? Is it the same command line in both?


answered 08 Dec '12, 18:51

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Doug ♦♦
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Hi Doug, i'm using this cmd line: paexec FRANCISCOPC -u dom.local\administrator -p 123 -f -h -n 10 -c -csrc C:\windows\Temp\installer.exe C:\installer.exe


answered 10 Dec '12, 06:00

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I'm not sure why this would happen. My guess is it has something to do with file rights. Do this with PAExec and PsExec and then look at the installed files. Right-click and go to Properties -> Security and see if they have the same security settings. My guess setup was somehow run differently so that a different user is ending up being owner of the files.

(18 Dec '12, 09:20) Doug ♦♦

In testing I found that when run PAdmin as a service system level , it does not work returning access denied, if I run as administrator works correctly.

wheel i run psadmin when system level works, do not know why

(18 Dec '12, 09:30) Francisco

When PAExec successfully runs, but the app doesn't show up in the task bar (tray icon), check the access rights on the files that got installed. Are they the same as when PsExec does the install?

(21 Dec '12, 09:08) Doug ♦♦

Doug, the problem is that even using parameter-i my application ran as administrator but load in the in session 0 of the system.

(21 Dec '12, 09:17) Francisco

anyone have any idea why?


answered 12 Dec '12, 10:56

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