PA file Sight I am monitoring one fileserver I know how to produce adhoc reports (to a degree), i can do an Adhoc report for a particular file name but i cant find how to do an adhoc report on a specific folder (including all files and folders below it)

The reason is a user might know that a file is missing in a particular 'job' folder and id like to see all activity in that whole job folder.

I can only see to select the whole server.

Any advice appreciated



asked 28 Mar '14, 05:45

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Great Question! If you use the "Custom Data Set" report you can drill down to a directory and get the information from there on down. Select the Custom Data Set report by going to Ad Hoc reports, then on the Report Data Type tab select the Custom Data Set under File Sight. Then select the display type and source for those tabs. When you get to the Filters and Parameters tab add all of the filers you need for time and user information. Then add the directory path to the starting directory in the "File Name" filter. for example: D:Downloads Your report will display any changes that have "D:Downloads" in the name of the file.


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answered 28 Mar '14, 09:24

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Got it, that worked fine thanks. Of course I did look there, but it wasnt obvious that a folder path should be put there.

Maybe rename it for the next update?

thanks again


(31 Mar '14, 04:53) mreco99
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