I am new to PA Server Monitor and for the most part I like what I see and it is very user friendly. However, I have not been able to find clear instructions on how to acknowledge an alert. A single alert. At this time I only want to see an alert for a server and be able to acknowledge it, have the acknowledged alert turn a different color (maybe even back to green) but I cannot find info on how to do this. The phone app for iPhone works well, select all and acknowledge or select one and acknowledge. Where is this in the console or the web interface?

asked 19 Jun '15, 13:30

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Hi -

There are instructions for Error Auditing but they may be hard to find, sorry. To be able to acknowledge your errors you need to turn on that Acknowledged By option for the Recent Alerts section. On the instruction page look for "1. Product monitors detect and record issues".

To do this right click on the Servers/Devices node on the left navigation in the console. then select Report Settings -> Server Settings. A menu will appear double click on the Recent Alerts box on the left side. You will be given a menu with all of the options and settings for this section of the Server Summery Report. You will need to select "Acknowledged By" and then click on the OK button. This action will give you the simple ability to Ack any of the alerts at the server level.

You can also ack the alerts using Bulk Config option "Computers: Acknowledged All Errors"


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That helps a little but what I want specifically is to acknowledge an alert that I know is NOT an issue and have it not show up again...I performed the above and while it is removed from the servers Status it still remains in Net Map and Current issues as an alert.

(19 Jun '15, 17:30) skahlam

When an alert has been acknowledge it will be removed from the list of errors to be displayed for all reports. The refresh rate for the reports are about every two minutes so the response isn't right away. I just tried it here on our test machines and the reports updated quickly about 30 sec. so it depends on when the last refresh was.

(22 Jun '15, 14:21) Quinn ♦♦
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