Does PA Server Monitor support using SQL Server 2012? I am trying to set this up and it will not connect. I have tested the connection from another server using same DB and credentials and it connects as it should.

asked 13 Jul '15, 11:24

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Hi skahlam,

Yes the support is there for using SQL Server 2012. It sounds like there is a firewall issue. If your able to connect from another server to the DB server but not from the server where PA Server Monitor is installed there could be some restrictions.

Can you use some other application to connect to the SQL DB from the same server where PASM is installed?


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answered 13 Jul '15, 11:46

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Quinn ♦♦
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FW is off. Driver that PA Monitor uses is 10.0 when SQL Server 2012 uses 11.0 Can you please provide steps necessary to set this up then outside of what the online manual details. PA server to SQL No FW Log on service account for PA server is DBO of new PA DB and has been tested from another server successfully.

(13 Jul '15, 14:08) skahlam

You need to make sure that you have the driver install on the machine where PASM is installed. Then in the Database Menu you can make the change to use the 11.0 driver. If you look at the string at the bottom of the database menu you will see driver name, change it to use the 11.0 driver. Make sure that name is exactly the same as the drive, spaces included. Test Connection and Save

(13 Jul '15, 14:23) Quinn ♦♦
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