I have two suggestions for a future release of PASM Ultra :

When installing a new satellite from the central service download link it would be more efficient to only have to download a satellite setup package instead of the actual full PA Server Monitor setup.

License management form a remote console if possible (great for a case like mine where the central service is clouded without immediate access to the server running it)

Thank you again for an always evolving product

asked 10 Feb '15, 02:43

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Thank you for using PA Server Monitor and for your suggestions. The License management function is something that we believe should only be accessed from within the main console on the main server. The idea of have a separate installer for the satellite has been talked about but at this time there are not plans to build it.

We appreciate all of your suggestions!


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answered 17 Feb '15, 11:39

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Quinn ♦♦
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Hi Quinn,

Thanks for your answser.

Concerning licence management, our immediate need would be to view the state of licence total/use. Some sort of read-only form of the licence management.

Concerning separate installer for the satellite, I hope you will plan it in a near future (downloading a 80MB+ package is not very efficient for the 8-10MB really needed)


answered 18 Feb '15, 07:50

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