I have searched among the bulk actions but can’t find anywhere where I can copy the maintenance schedule from one device to another. I have a fixed maintenance schedule that all servers shall follow and it is easy to forget adding it when you add a new device. Then when there are 20 new devices it is a big job trying to add the maintenance schedules on them one by one.

Or is there a way to filter out the devices that lack maintenance schedules from the filter when you select the computers to target a bulk action?


asked 19 Apr '13, 16:37

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Hi Micke --

Hmm, this is a situation I'm not sure we've thought off before. I think, if you copy the configuration of one server to another, it will copy the maintenance schedule along with it.

But copying just a maintenance schedule, I don't think that can be done. But you can use Bulk Config to just blast a maintenance schedule out to a bunch of servers. That would be easy, assuming all the servers have the same schedule... ?


answered 22 Apr '13, 18:17

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Well if some of the devices has specific schedules added on top of the common once, or even not included in the common once this will be difficult to setup and filter out.

I was thinking. If there was a possibility to filter out devices in the Bulk Config based on creation date? Then I can manage this new devices both to add schedules and other agreed monitors that I like to make sure we have added to the new devices.

(24 Apr '13, 08:03) micke

That's a really great idea. It's not possible today, but I'm adding it to the TODO list.

(24 Apr '13, 10:05) Doug ♦♦
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