Hi I'm having issues with adding System performance monitor to one of mine servers. PA Server v. 1. When manually adding System performance monitor I cannot find other counters from Performance Object for Network Connection, Paging File and Memory. 2. Using the Smart Config – copy and paste from another server also does not work. I wanted to add System Performance Metrics. 3. On other server I'm not able to add System Performance Monitor at all. All other monitors works fine on that server and correct credentials were supplied. Error log states:

The monitoring service was unable to retrieve a list of counters. This is usually caused by missing credentials (either Windows or SNMP) for the server, or a failure to communicate with the monitoring service. Failed to get counters from target server. (PdhEnumObjects) OS reports: More data is available. Troubleshooting Hint: Make sure the Remote Registry service is running on the target computer, and that remote management rules are enabled in Windows Firewall. [Err=0xEA (234), CurrUser=Admin, Imp=]

Checked the credentials and restarted Remote Registry service, no help.

Thanks Andrew

asked 24 Jan '14, 12:32

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Hi Vermilion,

It appears there are permission issues. Let's try removing PA Server Monitor from the picture and see how it looks. Get on the machine where PA Server Monitor is installed, and login using the same account that PASM uses. Run perfmon.msc and try to log on to the other server to view it's counters. If you are unable to do so the permissions is the issues. Here is some more information on permissions.

Monitoring Permissions

Connecting to Vista and Windows 2008 computers

And this is a good link to a MS page.

When you are ready to add your Credentials.


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answered 24 Jan '14, 13:44

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Quinn ♦♦
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I finally got it working. Basically I needed to manually rebuild Performance Counter Library values due to system/registry corruption on that server. PA Server Monitor is using Windows Performance Counters to gather information.

More in links below:

http://serverfault.com/questions/468934/connecting-to-remote-server-using-performance-monitor-does-not-work http://support.microsoft.com/kb/300956


answered 28 Jan '14, 05:11

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Had this issue on a few VM's can confirm Vermilion's fix works fine. Thank you been looking into this issue myself.


answered 14 Jul '14, 09:29

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