As time has gone on we've removed machines off the network and then remembered we needed to clean them out of PA File Sight Ultra. In the console on the left under servers we've removed the servers that are no longer present, however when we go to advanced services on the left under satellite services we have a list of servers that were removed.

I right click on the satellite and select delete record it comes up with a confirm uninstall and we click ok. The problem is that the server is already gone and that record remains. Is there a way/place to remove these records that we no longer need?

asked 28 May '14, 15:44

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Hi DtMiller,

Thanks for the question. You are asking about removing two different items and each require a separate action to remove.

First, the server listed in the Servers section. This is an entry in the database the represents the server and the monitors associated to the server. When you right on it and then click "Delete [server name]" you are removing it from the database. Great, you have already done that.

Second, is the satellite service that is running on that remote server. There are two ways to remove the satellite from the Satellite Services in the console. The first is to right click on the satellite and select "Uninstall remote Satellite service". This would of course uninstall the satellite service that is installed on the remote server, but the server still needs to be connected to the network for this to work. The second way and the option that you need to take, is to select "Delete Satellite record". This option will work but sometimes, just like in your case, the satellite reappears. When this happens please hold down the CTRL button and then select "Delete Satellite record". This action will do a hard remove and the satellite will be removed from the list of satellites in the console.


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answered 28 May '14, 16:12

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