Thank you very much for any assistant , i work in University Lap and there are one server for research purpose , i install that server windows server 2008 and i made 100 website domain inside that server for my research work , you know the websites continuously updated and modified and files all ways created like ( images , word file , excel file , html pages .... etc )
when i need to monitor these domains for any changes that may occur for example for a period of 30 days to record any events that happen on each websites domains which software i should be used for my situation really all are very good and great and really i search for 2 months the best software its found in your site ,

and the second issue is : in any website some pages modified internally like some statement modified or pages created in specific web language like html , php , xml .... can i detect the changes like this , and finally if images , css files modified in any sub-folder in one of these 100 website domain folders can i detect .... thanks a lot with best regards , eng.Ahmed J. Obaid Kufa university - college of engineering IRAQ

asked 13 Feb '15, 01:49

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Depending on how you set your settings you should be able to record when a file is read from, created, or moved (deleted). PA File Sight need to be installed on the server that you need to monitor.

Here is a link to our online documentation, you will find lots of good information there.


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answered 13 Feb '15, 14:45

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