Im having a few issues with dependencies.

When i select a large number of web monitors its not allowing me to set the host server as a dependant.

i am trying to complete this though the bulk option, 1. Monitor Set Monitor Dependencies 2. I select 2000 objects (example) i want to make dependent 3. Select option, then select the computer i want to make primary. 4. Then perform action.

The only issue is when i go to select 3, the machine/object is not in the list...?!

Also would this mean that the 2000 objects would not fire a alert if the object in step 3 is down (the desired effect)

I am monitoring web page monitors and want to make a disk space or entire computer a requirement to be up..

thanks for help, Sduelund

asked 24 Feb '16, 18:06

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What yo can do this with PING for example:

Computer 2 - 2000:

set PING with DEPENDECIE to PING computer 1

= ALERT from computer 2-2000 ONLY when computer 1 has a PING alertet tooö

But I think that the different way round.

I don´t think that works well with dependencies; try this:


answered 24 Feb '16, 19:09

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the calculated status is a good idea. thanks. ill try that.

(24 Feb '16, 20:14) Sduelund

Hi a bit difficult to anderstand :)

Lets try this, dependencies work like

IF SERVER 1 give me a PING

THEN Check OUT Diskspace / Eventlog ... on SERVER 1 -> action .

IF NOT Do nothing

You can also do

IF SERVER 1 ---- Server 2000 give me a PING (or what ever)

THEN CHECK Diskspace, .... on Server 1 -> action ...

Is this what you want?

Regards MTE


answered 24 Feb '16, 18:31

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sorry this is a bit confusing logic, let me see if i can reword it.

IF you have computer 1 - Ping monitor You have computer 2-2000 also ping monitors/diskspace/whatever.

If computer 2-2000 has issue, then check computer 1, if computer 1 also has issue do nothing. Computer 1 will fire action as normal.

Is this correct?

p.s i know im repeating your comment in my own words just making sure we on same page ;)

(24 Feb '16, 18:38) Sduelund
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