We have just tried to license our new PA Monitor client as per monitor, and appear to have now incorrectly licensed as per device instead of per monitor.

We did not receive any prompt in the licenisng screen about choosing the licensing model as per your internet article on same, and per monitor as was our preference in this scenario.

How can I correct this so we are using the correct licensing model?

Thanks Andrew McKenzie Ovalis (Reseller)

asked 24 Oct '16, 06:26

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Hi mckenzieaj,

To use the Per-Monitor licensing mode for a PA Server Monitor Pro license you will need to make a switch in your License Menu. In the console open the Licenses Menu you should see a set of radio buttons that will allow you to switch between Per-Monitor or Per-Server mode. By default all installs are going to use the Per-Server mode of licensing. If you have any questions please let me know.


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answered 24 Oct '16, 09:12

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Quinn ♦♦
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Thanks Quinn

I know exactly the options and licensing screen in the console you are talking about, well documented on your site. However those options are not on this licensing screen, and I saw them at no point when trying to install the license.

Sadly do not have enough Karma to upload a screen shot!

can you possibly email me so I can provide you with that detail, if that is appropriate?

Cheers Andrew

(27 Oct '16, 02:07) mckenzieaj

Andrew, I sent an email to you.

(27 Oct '16, 09:55) Quinn ♦♦

Hi Quinn, Sorry to post this on a old post, but im having similar issues to the OP. We have deployed a number of PA instances and historically used the Per monitor licenses.

In the new version of PA, there does not appear to be any way to change the licenses or select on purchase to per monitor.

Has the licensing method changed in the last year to only be per server?

Our historical instances all seem to still be server monitor, but our new instance purchased today did not present the option and there is no checkbox to change the license method like previous.

Thanks Steffen.


answered 03 Oct '17, 01:20

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Per-monitor licensing ended up causing a lot of confusion, so it's still available, but not visible by default.

You can make the previous radio button options visible by setting:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\ (Wow6432Node if  you have it) \PowerAdminServerMonitor

LicenseMode = 2

After that is changed, go to the Licenses dialog again and you'll see what you are looking for.


answered 03 Oct '17, 11:40

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Doug ♦♦
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