I just downloaded and installed the latest trial version of this. I just kept the default installation options. (Using a directory instead of SQL Server - that probably doesn't matter though.) Also, I'm using 2 monitors.

So, the first thing that pops up is this "Startup Wizard" window. I try to click on it but it's totally frozen. No buttons or anything responds in any way. I can't close it either. And what's worse is that clicking on it, or the main PA Console window, causes all of my other windows to become non-responsive for a variable length of time - seems like it's usually a minute, but now everything has been locked up for like 5 minutes and it looks like it's going to stay that way - and I'm writing this on another computer. Actually the only thing that's responding now on my computer is the taskbar - it shows/hides itself when I move my mouse to the bottom - but none of the taskbar icons are responsive. I've looked at the CPU usage going on on my computer and nothing is very high. I have a very fast computer and have run many things on it and never had any problem like this.

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Hi -

We've never heard of anything like that either. The only unusual thing about the Startup Wizard is it is hosting an IE window. That must have something to do with it as Windows (and any modern operating system) is supposed to ensure that one application can't affect any other application. So if you're seeing freezing, I'm thinking it's IE (which doesn't truly obey all the rules since it is tied very tightly into the OS). My bet is a plugin/extension/security app, etc is involved with IE and doesn't handle being loaded into another app (which is not completely uncommon).

You can ensure the Startup Wizard never shows again by setting this registry value:

Console_ShowedWelcome = 1

answered 29 Aug '18, 10:46

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I didn't try what you said because I did something else and it unstuck things. I just disabled my 2nd monitor (just a random thought to do that) and it unstuck everything. As soon as I did that, the Welcome window disappeared, but I still couldn't drag the main console window, but I could interact with it. The next time I started up the program there were no problems.

(29 Aug '18, 11:28) cjmairstrip
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