I have installed servermonitor ultra and I'm having problems with creating actions with Windows services. I can see the satellite in the console, and when I run "Test connection to service" from the satellite it works. I have created all the necessary rules in my Windows firewall. But when I try to add a new service operation it fails with the following error:

"Unable to retrieve service list from KLE-Online remote satellite : KLE-ONLINE.DK. OS reports: The RPC server is unavailable. Troubleshooting Hint: Try logging into CT37816 as Administrator. Then run SERVICES.MSC and try to connect to the remote server and view the service list to see if it succeeds. If it doesn't, you may need to start the Remote Registry service, or enable remote management rules in Windows Firewall. [Err=0x6BA (1722), CurrUser=Administrator, Imp={none}] Unable to display services."

Everything is open, and I'm sure this has worked before, but suddenly it doesn't anymore. I have event tried to turn off the firewall on both satellite and server. What to do? I thought using a satellite would free you for all these problems.

Regards, Rune

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Hi Rune --

I'll see if I can help. Take a look at this page:

Distributed Monitoring

A 'Satellite' is really just a monitoring service running on a computer at a remote site. That monitoring service will need to access the other servers on the network that you want to monitor. (If you just want to monitor the server the Satellite is installed on, then that's an easy case -- it already has access to itself).

To monitor the other servers on the same network as the Satellite, the Satellite service needs credentials. Those can be given explicitly by giving a username/password for each server it needs to monitor, or it can be done implicitly by running the Satellite service as an account that can access (for example) the Event Log and service list on the target servers. So in the picture referenced above, the blue Server Monitor icon (the Satellite) in the "Remote Office" could run as a domain account for the domain in the "Remote Office", and thus would be able to get in and monitor the servers at the "Remote Office".

Does that make sense?

So in your example, it seems like the Satellite is installed on a computer named CT37816 (the blue icon server in the "Remote Office" picture. It is being asked to connect to KLE-ONLINE.DK and check the service list. KLE-ONLINE.DK would need to be one of the computers on the local network with CT37816 (ie one of the other computers in the "Remote Office" picture), and if it is, it probably makes sense to add it using it's local computer name rather than the external DNS name (so connections to the server use the internal IP address rather than the public IP address).

If KLE-ONLINE.DK is in a data center somewhere, CT37816 won't be able to reach it -- most probably a firewall is protecting the RPC ports. So in that case, you'll need to install a Satellite on the same local network as KLE-ONLINE.DK (inside the same data center).

In short, Satellites are for extending the reach of the monitoring system to inside a firewall.

I hope that helps.


answered 12 Apr '13, 18:12

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Doug ♦♦
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Hi Quinn

My setup is:

1) Server monitor machine (CT80254)

2) Monitored machine (CT59517) WITH installed satellite (CT37816 was an old machine that I'm not using anymore, now replaced by CT80254)

So there should be no problems with firewalls or anything, since the server monitor has direct access to a satellite on the client server.

As you write " (If you just want to monitor the server the Satellite is installed on, then that's an easy case -- it already has access to itself)." But this is exactly the setup I have, and I'm still unable to retrieve the services list.

Thx. Rune

(13 Apr '13, 02:52) run66

Hi Rune,

I was looking at your images from your email and I seen that the satellite is running under ".server....". Because you are using the satellite just to monitor the server that it is installed on, change the account that satellite is using to run as "LocalSystem" and also change the credentials for the server to use "LocalSystem" as well.

(15 Apr '13, 12:24) Quinn ♦♦

Hi Rune,

Is your main service running as Local System? If it is you should try running the service using an account that has access to the other servers that you are trying to monitor.

Thanks Quinn


answered 12 Apr '13, 11:21

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Quinn ♦♦
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Yes it was. Now I created a new account that I have mirrored on the satellite computer. Error is still there "RPC server unavailable".

I have tried this also with the firewalls turned off on bot machines and problem persists.

1) Isn't the satellite service supposed to take care of everything (why do I have to use a different user)?

2) What does "an account that has access to the other servers" mean? How will it have access to other computers?

3) Exactly which services are supposed to be running on the server and the client?

(12 Apr '13, 15:16) run66
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