The log file I wish to monitor for a specific text string "Backup" is not the type of log file that appends the new log information to the end of the file. Instead it creates a new log file each time with a similar name. The log file name changes each day and I do not have any control over them as to the name or locaton of where they are stored. The Log File monitor searches all the log files whose name begins with "L".So yesterdays log files will be L001, todays logfile will be L002 and so on with a unique time and date stamp for each file created. The path I use for the Log File Source is similar to: \ServerNameShareNameLogL.. Right now instead of searching the most recent log file for the word "Backup" which is what I would like, it searchs all the the log files in the directory for the word "Backup" so I end up with an email alert that returns a list of not only the current log file but all the other log files in the folder. Is it possible for the File Age Monitor I setup to detect when the date changes on any log file to trigger the Log File monitor that will detect the log file whose date has just changed? None of the other monitors available that I checked, seem to be able to detect when a file has changed, examine it and then perform an action based on the result of the examination.

Thank you for your help.

asked 23 Oct '13, 10:05

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Hi PAAdmin,

Nice user name! As far as using the Log File Monitor you will not be able to have it look at only the newest file. What you could do is to use the Execute Script monitor and then write you script to look for the newest file and then search it for the "Backup" text that you want to look for. In fact there are some samples at the bottom of the documentation page that you could use. You would have to mix two of samples to get what you are are looking for.


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answered 23 Oct '13, 12:01

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