Hi. I am having a problem where it appears that Server Monitor is causing svchost.exe process to continuing consuming memory. When I first observed this, svchost was consuming over 15Gb of memory. I stopped both Server Monitor and File Sight after a reboot and have observed for a week. No problems with svchost inflating. I then started Server Monitor service again on Tuesday and by today, svchost is inflated up to almost 4Gb of memory consumed. I stopped the service once again, but svchost will not release the memory.

asked 20 Jul '17, 10:09

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I can't imagine how PA Server Monitor is doing that.

Which actual service is using svchost? You can tell by looking at the PID, and then going to the Services tab in Task Manager and finding that same PID. There might be multiple services.

My guesses:

  • The Windows Update service has documented problems using tons of CPU (though mostly on older OSes), so maybe this is another variation of that? The Inventory Collector will talk to that service to retrieve the number of pending updates.
  • Perhaps you have a Service monitor that is checking the status of services, and that particular service leaks when it is checked. So I'd recommend disabling any Inventory Collector or Service Monitor that you have running that check this particular computer, and see if that solves it.

answered 20 Jul '17, 17:13

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Hey Doug, Services running under that svchost are: EventSystem, fdPHost, FontCache, netprofm, nsi, SstpSvc, and W32Time. I have not done anything new to this server besides add Server Monitor and File Sight. Like I said, I have observed this only occurs after SM has been running for several days. If I disable SM services, the problem does not reoccur. When I posted earlier today, I noted that I had stopped the service again and that svchost had not freed the RAM. As of this writing, that is still the case, however the consumed RAM is exactly at the same level as when I stopped the SM.

(20 Jul '17, 17:33) HiPower
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