Hi. We have an issue where there is sometimes an interruption to our database server. We think that it is when our hoster does the backups.

Is there a way that File Sight Ultra can attempt to reconnect every few minutes until it can again. Many thanks Dave

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Many thanks for that information.

We use you system on the file server of a large industrial plant. When a machine on the production line requests a file.. as each machine is a valid user, we can track the progress of a job through the factory by it's 'READ's We have modified the FileSightFinding table with an extra field called 'Processed' so we can mark that when we have read the event. To stop the table getting too large we delete all processed records periodically.

Just so you know how we use your product. If you want a Case Study I'll be happy to write one.

Take Care Dave


answered 12 Jun '18, 20:50

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That is a really cool and unique use of the product! We'd love to have a case study!

(13 Jun '18, 09:47) Doug ♦♦

Hi Dave

It should already be doing that. And while the connection is failing, anything that would have been written to the SQL Server database will be dumped to a local database file, which will then be sent to the real database once the connection has been reestablished.

If this isn't what you are experiencing, please contact Customer Support (email to support@poweradmin.com). I'm sure we'll ask to see the service log to see what issues are happening with the database.



answered 12 Jun '18, 19:50

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Doug ♦♦
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