Getting alert on the host system running the PA Filesite.
Inventory Collector Inventory Collector Probe methods: WMI, System Details program Failder to retrieve system details via WMI: Timed out waiting for PAHelper to handl WMI request. Service log file has more details.

asked 26 Nov '18, 11:28

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Hi Chris —

WMI is not enabled for remote queries by default, which is unfortunate. We have an FAQ about enabling it here:


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answered 26 Nov '18, 15:47

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Quinn ♦♦
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Quinn With your first answer I was able to get the Inventory issue resolve. I wa able to get the Satellite issue resolve by manually adding the port 8000 to the servers firewall rules.


answered 26 Nov '18, 16:49

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That is looking at a remote system. The PA FileSight is running on the server that is posting the Inventory Connector error. Also getting a Satellite not connected from the remote server. Still looking into that. Confirmed both servers have the correct security permissions in the WMA as outline in the how to article.


answered 26 Nov '18, 16:11

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Please forward the log files for both the central and the satellite service to Also on the satellite server please open IE browser and go to the address that you have the satellite configured to use. Example https:\centralServerName:portnumber Please send me a screenshot of what is returned in IE.

Thanks Quinn

(26 Nov '18, 16:44) Quinn ♦♦
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