A report is being run that is trying to return more than 400000 rows of data. It has been truncated to ensure the monitoring service does not run out of memory.

You can run the report again and reduce the number of rows being returned (perhaps by decreasing the time range for the report), or increase the limit by changing the registry value at:


Be careful when increasing the registry value. It is possible to increase it to a point where the report will not fit in memory and will cause the monitoring service to crash.

Sent from PA File Sight on TPEISMS01
Ver 7.3.0 (Build 167)
Rule: Internal error detected in monitoring service

This System Alert's delivery can be configured in Settings > System Alerts

asked 17 Nov '19, 20:06

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Hi Dennis,

It appears that the error was caused by a report that exceeded the report threshold. There is an internal limit set to help protect the service when a report is run and it consumes too much memory. The error message also gives you the number of rows that the internal limit is set to, 400,000 rows.

There are two things that you can do. First, I would recommend upgrading to v8 of PA File Sight. This version is a 64-bit application and will better handle memory usage. The best way to upgrade would be to make sure that your Support is current and then install the latest version. If you would like to know if your licenses are covered by support please send us your license file name to support@poweradmin.com.

Second, you can change the internal limit to a higher value. There is a registry setting that you can edit to change the internal limit. The registry key is called "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\PAFileSight".

Look for the value called "Limit_ReportRows2". You can set this value to higher value to see if that makes a difference. To change this limit open RegEdit on the Central Server where PA File Sight is running and change the value. Then restart the PAFS service.

Remember, if you make the limit value too high and a report is run that uses up too much memory, the service will crash. The service should restart.


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answered 18 Nov '19, 09:40

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