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  1. I want monitor a Windows service 24/7 and have an Action to restart the service. That's easy enough. Currently, I have an action that also fires an Email Alert at the same time. I would like to delay the Email Action so that if the Service is restarted succesfully, the email is not sent. Is this possible&

  2. I want to monitor another Windows Service 24/7 but during certain hours (9PM to 8AM) not send any email. I would like to delay emails until 8AM so that if there is a failure during the night, Pa Monitor could restart the service and notify me at 8 AM.

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Hi DT19,

  1. To be able to send the email at a latter time you will need to use the "Fire Actions when a problem is first detected, and later when it is resolved" option of the monitor. (Look at Adding Actions below) Say your monitor runs every 5 minutes, use the above option and under the "Do Immediately" and add your action to restart the service. Then you could use the "Every X minutes thereafter" option and add the Email action. You could even add the restart action again to this monitor. To set the time double click the X and set it to what the minutes you would like.
  2. You can set the time that an Email action is active in the action's Schedule menu. (Look at Scheduling on the E-Mail link below)

Here are a few links for you.
E-mail Message Action
Adding Actions


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