Hi there

I'm trying to setup a perfomance monitor on server with the remote satellite software installed. But no matter what I try the server can't retrieve the list of counters ("unable to retrieve a list of counters ..."). I have another server with the exact same setup that shows no problems at all.

I'm running all services (local and remoate) on an account with similar account name and password. The only difference I can detect between the two setups is that when I select the "Specify remote user account" on the server that doesn't work it claims that the current service account name is empty (which it isn't). I have tried to recreate the server, but still it shows an empty local account name.

screen shots

Regards, Rune

asked 21 May '14, 05:22

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Ok - I finally nailed the problem. When I changed the IP adress of the server to the internal network name ("CT85....") instead of using the domain name the performance counters started working. This advice was given to my by Quinn also in this post: http://support.poweradmin.com/osqa/questions/561/unable-to-retrieve-service-list-from-remote-satellite

I thought using a remote satellite would free one from worrying about ip addresses but apparently not.


answered 15 Jul '14, 18:29

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Hi Rune,

I had this issue myself. I wasn't able to solve it but as a work around I was able to use the bulk config tool to copy the monitor from a working server onto the non working one. This worked well and the monitor started doing its thing right away.

Not a fix I realise but it will get the monitor working.

Regards Dan


answered 02 Jul '14, 12:01

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Hi Rune

A few things if found

  1. restart the Remote Registry service on the affected server (s)
  2. restart the PA Mon satellite services
  3. Rebuild the Performance Monitor Libraries on the affected server ( listed in this post here http://support.poweradmin.com/osqa/questions/1219/system-performance-server-monitor)



answered 14 Jul '14, 09:32

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Hi Dan and TT

Thx for the suggestions. I tried them both but the problem is persists.



answered 15 Jul '14, 17:15

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