Just updated to the latest release, not sure if that's related to this or not, though I've done this before and not had this issue.

I have a DB Monitor setup on a multi-DB server that's been running for 4 months without issue. I want basic monitoring of the DBs but I don't want the Performance monitors either at the DB or the server level, so I enable monitoring for the DBs and then delete the (Performance) monitors, all is good. Today I moved the DB to a new subgroup (not sure if its related, just created a new group and dragged the DB server to the new group) and somehow the Database Server Monitor (Performance) came back. I scratch my head and delete it again and it on the next refresh its back again. I can't get it to delete no matter what I do. I wondered if it was a bug from moving the server to a new group but putting it back in the original group and deleting it doesn't seem to change the behavior.

The monitor doesn't even seem to run properly since while its on its spewing the following. I restarted both the satellite and core services with no change. I've had to leave it in place and disable it for now as its spamming my alerts with emails and I don't even want the monitor anyway! :)

Monitor [MEDUSADB.HASDOM.LOCAL] [Database Server Monitor (Performance)] failed to run. The monitor may or may not function properly until the service is restarted. The reason given: Unable to monitor counters--counter data not collected. HINT: Is the Remote Registry service running on this and the computer with the counters?

(Many errors are often caused by lack of rights to a system resource--maybe this error as well?)

Status=msCANTMONITOR, Version=6.4.0 (Build 302)

Sent from PA Server Monitor on 10-168-63-17
Ver 6.4.0 (Build 302)
Rule: Monitor failed to run or can't monitor resource
Forwarded from EEAT Satellite

This System Alert's delivery can be configured in Settings -> System Alerts

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In the Console, go to View > Show Object IDs in Navigation Tree. That will show a small ID number in brackets next to your monitors, computers and groups.

When you delete the Performance monitor, note the ID. When it comes back, is it the same ID, or a new ID?

If it's the same ID, there is some sort of syncing problem between the Console and the central service. Restarting them both will probably take care of the issue. If it's a new ID, then the monitor is actively being recreated for some reason and we'll need to track that down.


answered 30 Mar '17, 10:01

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Doug ♦♦
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Hmm, good test. Its getting a new Object ID when its re-created. I deleted it as 1142 and when it reappeared it was 1155. So its definitely being re-created and just not failing to delete.

(30 Mar '17, 12:36) gsleigh

Does the monitor that gets created have all of the database performance counters, or are they more generic counters?

(30 Mar '17, 15:02) Doug ♦♦

It doesn't appear to add all of the Database Counters, just the 'Database Server Monitor (Performance)' and all of its related default Performance Counters. It immediately goes into Training Mode just as if I had added it manually.

(05 Apr '17, 11:59) gsleigh
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