PA Server Monitor Ultra Version Running on Windows 2012 R2

2 X Satellite Servers ( ! monitoring 5 Servers and the other monitoring 10 Servers)

We quite frequently get the error below. We have no Anti-Virus Software on the PA Server I have the PA Server_Service_log that I can send and any other logs you require. Please advise




05-16-2018, 22:25:14.453, TID:02896, PID:03448, ERROR: #### CAN'T CONNECT: Failed to re-open database file C:Program Files (x86)PA Server MonitorDatabasesLoginEvents.db. SQLite reported 5 (database is locked ExtErr=5) 05-16-2018, 22:25:14.477, TID:02896, PID:03448, ERROR: #### CAN'T CONNECT: Database connection not made--ExecSQLDirect failed 05-16-2018, 22:25:14.481, TID:02896, PID:03448, ERROR: SQLITE LOG: (5) database is locked

asked 17 May '18, 11:40

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Hi Dean,

Do you have any backup software running on this server? If so you may want to add an exclusion in the software to not scan the C:\Program Files (x86)\PA Server Monitor\Databases\ directory.

Another reason for this is a monitor in PA Server Monitor that is scanning the same directory. You will also want to exclude the directory from the scans.


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answered 17 May '18, 14:12

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